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Questions? We'll help.

Who can purchase cannabis?
Anyone 21+ with legal identification.

Can I bring a minor into the store if they are not purchasing?
No. You must be 21+ to enter a dispensary.

Are there purchase limits? If so, how much can I buy?
Cannabis Flower = 2 ounces (56g)
Cannabis Concentrate (oil) = 5 grams
THC Infused Liquid Products = 72 fluid ounces
THC Infused Solid Products = 16 ounces

I live out of state, can I purchase cannabis in Oregon and take it home with me?
No. Taking cannabis across state lines is a federal offense.

Where can I learn more about the Cannabis Rules in Oregon?
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has detailed information about cannabis rules here:

Can I order online?
You sure can! Click the link below to be taken to our menu:

Does Mint Deliver?
Not at this time. But if you would like to take advantage of our online ordering system, you can place orders online here.

Do you have a loyalty program?
We do! Signing up is easy and comes with rewards! Members earn points with every purchase that can be used toward future purchases or redeemed for prizes.
Click the link below to sign up or check your points status:

Do you offer special deals or discounts?
Yes! We offer 10% off Seniors, Students & Military.

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